Concrete Fencing Experts in Victoria, Nanaimo & Courtney

Tower Fence products has been installing solid concrete fences for over a decade. We manufacture all of our concrete products on site and are currently pouring wood, brick, and stone styles.  In addition to this we manufacture and install concrete ranch rail style fences (available in 2 or 3 horizontal rails).

Our concrete fences come in three colours (beige, taupe, and grey) which are imbedded throughout the product, and can be installed from 1’ high all the way to 16’ high.

In comparison to other styles of fencing, there are many benefits to installing a solid concrete fence, such as:

  • Maintenance free (dirt can be power-washed right off without damage)
  • All products are reinforced with both fibermesh and rebar
  • Concrete provides an excellent barrier against both wind and sound
  • Posts are spaced out at 5 feet apart for added strength

We have used this product in residential, commercial, and industrial applications and have nothing but positive feedback from our customers. For a closer look, please feel free to come by our office and look through our showroom, or have one of our representatives give you an address of some previous work that we have completed.


Our Concrete Fence Portfolio

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