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Wood Fence DuncanHomeowners interested in wood fence designs in Duncan often call Tower Fence for advice. Their experts are able to provide customers with a broad range of answers to the most commonly asked questions about fencing, including the benefits and advantages of installing a wooden fence.

Wood offers a natural beauty that is not available with any other material, which is one of the main reasons why wood is so popular for fencing. Whatever the purpose of your fencing, from complete privacy to aesthetic appeal, the function is completely customizable, due to the unique properties of wood. Choose wood for your privacy fence, your picket or lattice fence, post & rail or other.

Western red cedar is readily available on the West Coast, making it a popular choice for fencing and providing the means for richness in color and natural resistance to the elements. In situations where a greater level of protection is being sought, pressure treating is certainly an option. Tower Fence chooses locally milled cedar that offers a great range of size options, including standard lumbar sizes and full dimension rough-cut options. Homeowners can choose from pre-built panels or custom, built on-site fencing.

It’s hard to argue with the advantages that come with owning a wood fence in the Duncan area. Consider a few of them before making your final decision:

- The affordability of wood is undeniable and is often the deciding factor when it comes to choosing a material for fencing. You can own a lot more fence for a smaller budget when you opt for wood. Contact an expert from Tower Fence by calling 250-478-9733 if you’d like a free estimate of having a wood fence built.

- Wood offers one of the only materials that actually gets better with age. If you’re looking for an aesthetically pleasing material, it’s just tough to beat wood for the look it provides. Most other materials will deteriorate or wear over time, requiring a significant amount of labor and expense to keep them looking good. Wood may require a small amount of maintenance and repair over time, but it will look better and better as the years pass, provided it is taken care of.

- Wood comes from a renewable source, making it one of the most eco-friendly materials to choose from. Trees can simple be replanted as they are used. As well, when it comes time to finally dispose of a wooden fence, it’s every bit as environmentally friendly as it was on the other end of the line. Compared with vinyl, wood is the better choice this regard, hands down.

At Tower Fence, their installation teams are focused on constructing wood fences across the Duncan area every day, giving them the knowledge and specialized understanding necessary for building a high quality wooden fence. They know what it takes to build a product that will withstand the test of time and the harsh elements the area offers.

Consider Tower Fence for your upcoming fencing project. Call their office at 250-478-9733 and let their experts answer your questions. Wood Fence Duncan
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