Your Powder Coating Your Way

expert powder coating victoria bcAt Tower Fence we have 2 complete powder coating facilities. One in Victoria and one in Nanaimo to serve our up-island clients. Our trained and experienced powder coating technicians have applied the process to almost anything you can think of. No matter the object you're working with, we can apply a thin, even, perfect powder coat every time.

Have crazy ideas about colour? How about a crazy idea for an object you'd like colour applied to? Don't worry, nothing phases us! Most of our powder coating work involves things like bicycles, motorcycles, and parts for all kinds of mechanical devices. We recently did a job for a client with an ocean front home. They have a large set of metal deck chairs and tables that they have struggled to keep free of rust and decay in the salt air. We were able to spray the entire set in one process and the client got back a brand new looking set of metal deck chairs that will last longer than with any other process available.

We welcome you to come by our offices in Victoria or Nanaimo to discuss your powder coating job with our knowledgeable staff. We are confident that we can work with you to make your project a success whether it be big or small, complex or simple.

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