Powder Coating Courtenay BcLooking for a powder coating service in Courtenay, BC? Tower Fence provides one of the most affordable powder coating services around. Their 10' by 22' facility can accommodate just about any item that you want to have coated.

Tower Fence takes a lot of pride in their ability to provide professional sandblasting, priming and powder coating to Courtenay, BC residents and business owners at reasonable prices. Whether you're thinking about powder coating tractor or equipment parts, vehicle or bicycle parts, outdoor furniture or any other items that you wish to protect from the elements, you'll find Tower Fence is able to handle it for you.

There is a wealth of benefits associated with powder coating, Consider a few of the following and decide for yourself if it's not the most cost-efficient and versatile solution on the market today:

- With powder coating, there are never any surprises with the results as they are always consistent, even and exceptional. If you're looking for an option that will hide imperfections, powder coating is the answer. For protection against the harsh elements, it's the ideal solution. Powder coating in Courtenay, BC offers the attractive, durable finish you want at a cost you'll truly appreciate.

- Something not often thought about are the environmental aspects of a product. Powder Coating is extremely environmentally-friendly: from the process to the down-the-road end of the product's life when it will eventually be recycled, powder coating minimizes waste in the coating process and can be disposed of safely and easily in the future.

- If the products you purchased did not come with the Powder Coating seal, it's not to late to protect them with expert powder coating at Tower Fence in Courtenay, BC. They offer two convenient facility locations that include Victoria and Courtenay for the convenience of the community. The trained technicians have spent the last ten years professionally applying powder coating to just about any items you can imagine- so whatever you have in mind, it's not going to present a challenge.

- Powder coating is less expensive and provides superior results to just about any other coating process out there. That's a tough combination to beat. Since powder coating is cheaper to apply, it's also cheaper for the customer. It takes less energy to powder coat, produces less waste and offers a one-coat application that is far better in quality than other processes. There are no drips or traces of the item having gone through the application.

While paint and other protective measures can take days or weeks to cure, that's not the case with powder coating in the Courtenay, BC facility. Powder coating can completely dry in as little as 20 minutes and be ready to use within hours.

If you have any questions about powder coating, feel free to call Tower Fence in Courtenay, BC at 250-897-0315 and ask about a free estimate to powder coat your items. You can also learn more about the process by visiting online at TowerFence.ca. Powder Coating Courtenay Bc
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