Anyone living on Vancouver island with an outdoor garden has dealt with deer. As man hours and plant costs quickly add up in even a small scale garden, it can be devastating to wake up in the morning to find your garden has become a midnight buffet.

Luckily there are quite a few options when it comes to deer fencing. From economical vinyl deer fencing, all the way up to a custom designed wood or ornamental fence, Tower installs fences to fit any price range. Below are a few of the options you can choose from when looking to keep deer out.

  1. Black vinyl deer fencing is a great way to fence in your garden on a budget, and also doesn’t visually impact your yard too much.
  2. Farm style fences are also a very cost effective way to deer proof your garden. Either wood or steel posts can be used for this style of fence.
  3. Chain link fencing is our most versatile fence style that can be installed over very challenging terrain. It comes in a variety of colours (black, white, brown, or green) and is a fraction of the cost of a wood or ornamental fence.
  4. Wooden fences can be custom built to almost any design, but you can also use pre-made wooden fence panels to cut down on the costs of your fence project.
  5. Ornamental fences really add to any garden. Custom ornamental arbors can also be built to any size or shape.
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