Along with the expense of a swimming pool, costs for the appropriate fencing must also be considered. Since this is an overall large investment, it only makes sense to have fencing that not only provides all the protection you need but also an appearance that enhances the pool and property.

The best way to accomplish that now is with a glass pool fence from a top quality installer in the Sydney area.

There are several reasons that glass fencing has become so popular in comparison to the traditional metal or wooden fences. These fences have exceptional durability, tremendous versatility and significant aesthetic appeal.

Made from safety glass manufactured in Australia, the glass panels used in these fences can withstand virtually any weather conditions and years of regular use. Maintenance is simply a wipe down with a damp rag and since there is no rust or rot, no scraping and repainting is ever required. Australian made marine grade hardware connects the glass panels and is electro-finished to provide superior corrosion resistance. The high quality of these materials not only provides for long life of the fence but also for protection that meets and even exceeds the standards put in place by Australian legislation.

When choosing glass pool fencing, versatility enables you to make a number of choices regarding style and appearance. The glass panels may be framed, semi-frameless and frameless. The panels can also be curved or straight and be clear, frosted, etched or tinted. The easy installation allows for the incorporation of decks, paved walkways and patios, seating areas or natural landscaping features.

Aesthetic appeal is abundant with strategic gardens and lighting that create the image of an oasis and the property never feels crowded with the clear view maintained all around. The fencing itself is an element of design with stylish lines and a modern look. Good looks and durability protect your pool while adding to your property value when you consider glass pool fences.

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