Building an ADU in Los Angeles

Many people are embracing the state and local laws that allow the construction of ADUs. These units can be fit into a garage or next to the main dwelling and only cost a fraction of putting up a new home. Some want to build them to combat the rising housing crisis or create a new space in an existing home.

Nevertheless, ADUs are beneficial to everyone, and ADU builder experts anticipate that even more people will continue to install these units with more creativity.

Starting The Process of Building an ADU in Los Angeles

Are you interested in beginning the construction of an Accessory Dwelling Unit? It is a good idea to cut through the laws and regulations that govern the installation of these units. Please verify that the building meets the state and county installation laws by working with a contractor who will follow all of these until they are clear to start.

Can You Build Accessory Dwelling Units?

You need a specific amount of space on your property to kick start the construction process, which tends to be about four feet most of the time. Garage conversion laws in California have an exception, where you do not need to worry about the space.

You will need to sell a detached ADU as part of the home because it is now part of the entire property. In many cases, people choose to rent out their ADUs, making this reason the biggest motivation for its construction in the first place.

  • Size limits – ADUs are limited to a maximum size that does not exceed 50% of the leading property’s size.
  • Interior space – The bedroom and living room should occupy at least 70% of the total size.
  • Height – The maximum allowable height is 16 feet.
  • Utilities – We recommend you only use ADUs with an electrical and water connection to the main house, but a separate meter so you know how much in utilities the standalone unit uses.
  • Materials – A couple of materials are allowed for the construction of ADUs, and we have a few that have already been used for our existing ADUs. The windows have double-pane glass and trim that meets the set regulations.

However, the local government does not have restrictions on the application, as long as it meets all the construction objectives to make it eligible for ADU construction.

There is no limit to the number of them you can put up, and a lot of times, homeowners will install one big ADU and a small one no matter its size.

All of these are to say that there is much room regarding how you want to construct your ADU, so do not be afraid to begin your application process for any style. Do not that City Hall will not automatically grant you construction rights. Hence, you should work with a contractor like Incan Builders that will push your project forward.

We welcome you to send a message about your ADU installation or construction by sending a message online  to our ADU contractor for fast feedback.


Building an ADU in Los Angeles

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