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Wooden gates are beautiful. With countless design options, a wooden gate can be custom built to the exact wishes of any customer. The only downside is that larger wooden gates tend to sag over time.

A solution to this problem is to have your wooden gate built inside of a welded steel frame. Doing this allows the customer to have both the strength of a steel gate and the beauty of a wooden gate.

These gates can be built in almost any style, and the steel frames can be powder coated almost any colour.

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Royal Theatre


Here’s a lovely ornamental fence that we finished a short while ago at the Royal Theatre in Victoria, British Columbia. We installed a spear top ornamental fence complete with a dual push bar style exit doors. All parts and pieces were powder coated black.

Our install crew took their time to make sure everything was a perfect fit.

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Anyone living on Vancouver island with an outdoor garden has dealt with deer. As man hours and plant costs quickly add up in even a small scale garden, it can be devastating to wake up in the morning to find your garden has become a midnight buffet.

Luckily there are quite a few options when it comes to deer fencing. From economical vinyl deer fencing, all the way up to a custom designed wood or ornamental fence, Tower installs fences to fit any price range. Below are a few of the options you can choose from when looking to keep deer out.

  1. Black vinyl deer fencing is a great way to fence in your garden on a budget, and also doesn’t visually impact your yard too much.
  2. Farm style fences are also a very cost effective way to deer proof your garden. Either wood or steel posts can be used for this style of fence.
  3. Chain link fencing is our most versatile fence style that can be installed over very challenging terrain. It comes in a variety of colours (black, white, brown, or green) and is a fraction of the cost of a wood or ornamental fence.
  4. Wooden fences can be custom built to almost any design, but you can also use pre-made wooden fence panels to cut down on the costs of your fence project.
  5. Ornamental fences really add to any garden. Custom ornamental arbors can also be built to any size or shape.
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Privacy Slatting


Privacy Slatting

Chain link fences provide excellent physical barriers, but in some circumstances a visual barrier is also needed. Vinyl privacy slats are a great solution as they are easily installed and have an extended lifespan.

Privacy slats come in (8) stock colours and (2) distinct styles. The standard “PDS” privacy slats provide roughly 80% visual coverage, while our “finned” privacy slats provide roughly 90-95% coverage. Either style come in a variety of stock heights and come pre-packaged in bags that cover 10 linear feet of fencing.

Please feel free to contact our offices at any time if you have any questions about privacy slats, or any other type of fencing.

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Check out the concrete fence barrier the Tower Fence crews installed on Mt. Newton Cross recently. Concrete fences offer the best solution for properties bordering high traffic areas and areas where a high degree of privacy are desired.

Your Powder Coating Your Way

expert powder coating victoria bcAt Tower Fence we have 2 complete powder coating facilities. One in Victoria and one in Nanaimo to serve our up-island clients. Our trained and experienced powder coating technicians have applied the process to almost anything you can think of. No matter the object you're working with, we can apply a thin, even, perfect powder coat every time.

Have crazy ideas about colour? How about a crazy idea for an object you'd like colour applied to? Don't worry, nothing phases us! Most of our powder coating work involves things like bicycles, motorcycles, and parts for all kinds of mechanical devices. We recently did a job for a client with an ocean front home. They have a large set of metal deck chairs and tables that they have struggled to keep free of rust and decay in the salt air. We were able to spray the entire set in one process and the client got back a brand new looking set of metal deck chairs that will last longer than with any other process available.

We welcome you to come by our offices in Victoria or Nanaimo to discuss your powder coating job with our knowledgeable staff. We are confident that we can work with you to make your project a success whether it be big or small, complex or simple.

One of the projects we are asked about most often at Tower Fence is 'Can you build a custom enclosure for my ______?'. Now just fill in the blank! We have built chain link enclosures for dogs, birds, bikes, trash bins, electrical and gas meters, cars, busses, motorhomes and anything else our imaginative customers can think of! We often work with strata councils, corporations, non profit organizations, and of course private home owners. Have a look at some of our amazing custom chain link enclosures below and then give our main office a call at 250-478-9733.

Our crack team recently completed work on the custom chain link fencing for the Baseball Diamond at Lakehill Park. Check out the gallery of photos below and contact us today for a free no obligation quote on your custom fence job.


Our wood fencing crew is out on Moss Street this week building a backyard and front yard fence. The home owner wanted a traditional, low, white picket fence around the small front yard in keeping with the hundred year old Craftsman house.

In the back, the client has a brand new hot tub and a more contemporary feel for a hidden outdoor oasis. For that area we're creating a modern thin-slat horizontal stained cedar fence.

A fence provides proper security and appeal to any area and is used for securing the perimeter of farms, factories, houses and animal enclosures. It also serves the purpose of fencing across boundaries for security and effective indoor and outdoor protection around machinery. Chain Link Fences are used for test areas to provide protection against flying objects.

Types Of Fences

Manufacturers produce Chain Link Fences mainly in Stainless Steel or PVC coated in green, blue, and other colors. There are different types of Chain Link Fences like knuckled at one end and barbed at the other end or barbed at both ends. While choosing the right Chain Link Fences, one should consider the reason of using the fence i.e. whether it is used to control pets, create play area for children or to provide privacy. Chain Link Fences are available in different sizes, strength and finishes. And each serves different purposes.

What To Consider While Buying And Installing A Fence?

Before buying the Fence one should measure the dimensions of the area where it has to be installed. While calculating the materials you will need and their resulting expense, this measurement is helpful. Before installation of Fence like Chain Link Fences, all the investigation regarding rules and regulations and restrictions on fence height, material and design must be considered. It is very important to understand the applicable rule to avoid any fines. One should be clear about the type of material and style needed for the Fence.

While installing Chain Link Fence level of difficulty should be considered as Fence Installation varies greatly with regards to difficulty.
Chain Link Fences are more durable and resistant to damage. These Fences are available with the weather resistant vinyl coating, usually green or brown. New Chain Link Fence is more viable for settings requiring both security and style.

Wooden Panel Fence is one of the best options for the decorating point of view. It also provides privacy. In fact, Chain Link Fence is the obvious choice for the homeowners as it is cost-effective and affordable as compared to other type of Fences available in the market.

In conclusion, there are several queries that need to be answered from the buyers’ side and also from the side of the Fence Manufacturers and Suppliers regarding type, length, material of fence and location to ensure that the area is secured with the best.